Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lester Family Reunion

Sunday, June 6th, was the Lester Family Reunion held at Providence UMC. Joanne, Thomas, and I were invited to join them. It was held in Providence UMC's new fellowship hall. It was really nice to be able to gather in an air conditioned facility, especially since the temperature was in the 90's outside.
There was plenty of food to go around. Just a few high points for me were the fried chicken, country ham biscuits, Doris' apples, broccoli salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, and others. Thomas, who has an excellent appetite, did not leave hungry. There were a number of desserts, even Ann's cherry cobbler, though she didn't climb the tree for these. 
The meal was also a celebration of Brian Daniels graduation from High School. Brian will be going to Averett University next year and has already received several scholarships.
Thomas, our grandson, had come back to Virginia with us when we came home from our Memorial Day weekend trip to New York state. We had gone out to eat, gone to the movies, played the Wii, watched the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, spent time with his great-grandparents, and laughed a lot. Today was his torment day, he had to listen to me preach the same sermon three times at three churches, and attend a reunion and graduation cookout where he didn't know anyone. For all his stature, he is painfully shy.
Thomas had two clear plastic spoons that he kept placing over his eyes. It would make Joanne and me look distorted and he would just sit there and laugh at us. Its hard sometimes for me to remember that this 1/2 inch short of six feet tall kid is only twelve years old. He's a lot of fun to have around.

He may not know anyone, but I guess as long as he can pick at his grandparents the time is not a total loss.  Thank-you to the Lester family for allowing us to join them.

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