Sunday, June 13, 2010

39th Wedding Anniversary

Joanne and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary on June the 11th. We got married just two days after Joanne had graduated High School. I, being so much older, had graduated the year before. We might have been young and dumb, but we were also stubborn in love.
Here we are with my parents. You may be noticing all the purple and lavender of the clothes. Apparently it was really "in" in 1971. And yes, those are purple crushed velvet trousers I'm wearing. We still have them stored, Joanne wants to make pillows out of the material. I'm thinking that I might lose these extra 60 pounds and fit back in them for our 40th anniversary. Please, stop laughing.
Here is Joanne with her parents and her sister, Cindy. Check out the gloves. We were married at Shiloh UMC, where Joanne had grown up.
Here we are with Joanne's Granny Lula and my Grampy Hamilton.
This is Joanne's Maid of Honor, Emily Keyes, and my Best Man, Doug Labiosa.

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