Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It Keeps Snowing and We Keep Rescheduling

Well we had about 12 inches of snow last Friday into Saturday and ended up canceling our Sunday services and our Haiti Relief Program for the evening of the 31st. I was pretty bummed about having to put it off, but Courtney reminded me that they would still be needing help for a long time. We have rescheduled the Haiti Relief program for the 21st of February at 6:00 PM at St. Andrews UMC. I hope you will either be able to join us or at least consider supporting the missionaries that we have noted. The needs continue to be desperate and the work being done seems beyond what mere humans can do, yet it gets done.

Please take the time to looks at the ministries of the 3 missionary couples from the previous blog entry, look at the photos they have provided. It will break your heart and touch you in ways I can't explain. It's not easy stuff to look at, but you'll never see this on the evening news. I'm going to put a few raw videos from the Heartline Clinic in Haiti, These are our brothers and sisters injured and rendering aid. We tend to have short attention spans and the news channels seem to change to whats news that day. We mustn't forget that the need remains. Keep praying.

Pray for the people of Haiti, pray for those delivering aid and relief.

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