Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti Relief Program

The Mount Airy Charge of the United Methodist Church

Republican Grove UMC
Providence UMC
St. Andrews UMC

Dear Pastor,

We would like to invite you and your church to an evening program on Haiti to be conducted at St. Andrews United Methodist Church, Sunday, January 31st at 6:00 PM.

We would like to share information gleaned from our mission trips to Haiti. (Our daughter and son-in-law were missionaries in Haiti for a number of years, and our first two grandchildren were adopted from Haiti).

We are asking that you bring items that can be given to Gleaning for the World to be sent to Haiti. (See attached list).

We will also be receiving monetary donations that will be sent directly to Haitian missionaries. Please take a moment to look at their websites to see the ministries they perform and the tremendous need they have to continue their ministry to the poor of Haiti.

Roger and Margaret Clark

John and Beth McHoul

John and Jodie Ackerman

For the people of Haiti,
Rev. Charlie Johnson
Isaiah 58:6-9a

Directions to Saint Andrews UMC: On Rt. 40, 10 miles East from Rt. 29 or 15.5 miles West from Rt. 501 South, south of Brookneal.

GPS: 10164 East Gretna Road, Gretna, VA 24557

Supply List for Haiti Earthquake Victims

 Personal care items
o First-aid kits
o Anti-biotic ointments
o Anti-diarrhea pills
o Toothbrush & toothpaste
o Deodorant
o Soap, shampoo & hand sanitizer
o Feminine care products
o Disposable razors

 Baby products
o Diapers & wipes
o Soap & shampoo
o Baby food, formula & bottles

 Hydration (individual-sized bottles)
o Bottled water
o Vitamin water
o Sports drink
o Water purification tablets
o Powdered milk
o Pedialyte

 Non-perishable canned food
o Can opener

 Cleaning supplies
o Trash bags
o Mops
o Brooms
o Detergents
o Buckets
o Gloves
o Sponges

 Miscellaneous
o Underwear & socks
o Raincoats
o Tents
o Tarps
o Sleeping bags
o Flashlights & batteries
o Crank flashlights
o Crank radios
o Emergency candles
o Clotheslines & clothespins
o Twine & bungee cords
o Emergency blankets
o Generators (any size)
o Stuffed animals for children

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