Wednesday, February 3, 2010



This is a photo of the 8th grade science Club, Boonesboro HS '65-66, just before the high school was closed leaving only the elementary classes there.
Seated at desks: Garnett Scott, Kerry Hudnall
Standing and seated on counter: John Ramsey, Jim Martin, Eddie Tyree, Butch Surber, Arnold Little, Gary Templeton, Steve Allen, Charles Johnson, and Mr. Baker
stollen from fb/J Martin


Courtney @ splashing grace said...

won't even discuss the whole closing vs. moving thing... :) nice picture

Grumpy said...

Okay, Boonesboro HS ceased to exist and all the students were sent to Liberty HS, 25+ miles away. Boonesboro Elementary continuesd to function and still does. Courtney attended the elementary school and even had one of the same teachers in her 5th grade class as I had in my 8th grade year.