Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St. Andrews UMC Has Spaghetti Supper

St. Andrews UMC had its annual spaghetti supper April the 4th. It one of the few times during the year that they trust the men of the church to prepare the meal.
I'm not sure trust was the right word. It's more of "they can't mess this up but so bad". I was entrusted with cutting the pre-buttered bread after it had been warmed in its bag. You're probably surprised they let me use a sharp utensil.

A.J. Nuchols, Bill Wyatt, and Dave Adams made the spaghetti and sauce. That was all too complicated for me.
We had a good crowd with a few guests. There was plenty of food with the salad and desserts. We all had a good time and a lot of laughs.
Its nice to hang out with friends and to just enjoy being together.

Jean just wanted to say, "Y'all come back next year. We actually may let Pastor Charlie cook something, maybe."

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