Friday, April 24, 2009

Harrington Easter

Courtney put pictures of the family from Eater Sunday on her blog. I told her I was going to borrow a couple of them for my blog.
The problem was that I couldn't pick out a favorite, so I just used them all. I have some of the best looking grandchildren around and I'm not too shy to want to show them off to you.


Ex- Rock Ape said...

Hi "Grumpy"

It would seem that the problems with Blogspot photos is approaching the "pandemic" proportions of "piggy flu" :-)

I have had a lot of techie problems over the last few postings,all to do with photos and their affixing to the Blog, thereof!

Latest news on our trip to Holy Island is here ....



Anonymous said...

Hi again "grumpy"

Just to say that techie troubles with the photos on Blogger has driven me into the arms of World Press, where I hope to continue with this new (to me) blogging experience.

I can be found at

Kiran Kumar said...

Hi Grumpy,

How are you?

I had a new post in

Kiran Kumar