Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Friday Tenebrae Service 2009 at Republican Grove UMC

We had our Good Friday Tenebrae service at Republican Grove UMC.
We had members from all three churches reading parts during the service. There were a total of 16 parts, with the final reading in total darkness. The readings were interspersed with hymns.
The word "tenebrae" comes from the Latin meaning "darkness." In this dramatic service on Good Friday, all of the lights and candles on the altar are gradually extinguished until the room is in complete darkness. At the moment of darkness, a loud noise occurs symbolizing the death of Jesus.

The last reading is done in darkness. After the final reading all attending leave the church in silence. Tenebrae is a very moving service and offers a stark contrast to joy of Easter morning.

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Ex- Rock Ape said...

Charlie...I somehow missed this posting and apologise for this late comment.

As a choirboy at St Dominic's Priory in Newcastle, and attending the evening Compline Service, which included the "tenebrae" ritual, we choirboys would take great delight in providing the "Thunderous noise", by banging our hymm books upon the pews in the choir stalls! :-)) The Prior's scholarly patience was sometimes sorely tried at our over exuberance, and he would vainly try to get us to lower the volume just a little. Boys! Boys! the scripture calls for a low rumble of thunder to signify the solemnity of The Lord's death not a cacophonous rattle as you produce with regular monotony!