Thursday, November 13, 2008

Siloam UMC Homecoming 2008

On November the 9th, Joanne and I went to Siloam UMC for the Homecoming Sunday. The pastor, George Schaeffer, had been kind enough to speak for the Homecoming at Saint Andrews UMC for me and I got to return the favor.
Joanne played the piano, much to the joy of their regular piano player. She also sang a song that reflected the scripture passage to be used. While she said she was nervous singing and playing at the same time she sang like an angel. She did get a bit caught off guard when George put the microphone in front of her, but not for long.

The message was from Psalm 84. I shared how badly the psalmist wanted to be in church and how each Sunday is like a homecoming for us.
Siloam UMC was started in 1832. I'll save you the brain drain, that's 176 years. The original building burned in 1959 and the present building was built then.
The church is up on a knoll and you could see the beautiful Fall foliage around the countryside.
George and Kathy Schaeffer have become dear friends. George and I attended Lay Supply Pastor school and Licensing School together. In our long drives riding together we've had a lot of time to talk and find that we both have a passion for Jesus and His church. We've both had a rather interesting paths that have led us to where we are now. Therefore, we both have an acute sense of God's Grace. When you know what God pulled you out of, its hard to take your self too seriously.

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