Monday, November 24, 2008

It's the Hat!

When we last went to Walt Disney World with Courtney Dave and the grandchildren, Levi was only 2 years old. We had given Thomas and Taisie a WDW hat of their choice, but Levi being only two was left out of that. Well, now he's five and he made his hat choice made known as soon as we arrived.
Now, no one can make a production out of giving a hat to a little boy like a grandmother. We had just finished watching the Nemo show in Animal Kingdom. We were still in the auditorium and the crowd was slowing filing out. Joanne had Levi come up front, close hos eyes and put his hands out.
While he stood there with eyes closed and hands out, she slipped the hat on and put the string under his chin.
He was a happy camper, he finally had his Mickey Ears on and he was excited.
When I asked him later, as I do with all the grandchildren, what was his favorite thing that day, he didn't say a ride or attraction. It was the hat that was the high point of that day in Animal kingdom.
And to be sure that no one could mistakenly claim his hat as their own, we added his name to the back. Oh yeah, that day it was all about the hat.

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