Monday, November 24, 2008

The Making of a Princess

While we we re at Walt Disney World, Joanne had made arrangements for Taisie to visit the Bibbidi-Bobbidi- Boutique, where little girls are transformed in Princesses. It includes hairdo, makeup, nail polish, gown, shoes, and of course the sceptre. Taisie's transformation was worked by her Fairy Godmother at the boutique.

She started with a combing, then selected the colors for her nails and makeup.

Her Fairy Godmother put Taisie's hair up in a top knot.
Then they selected the hairpiece.
The selection of the hairpiece was perfect, it couldn't have matched better if it was her own.

The final touch, enough lacquer to hold her hair through a Florida hurricane.

Taisie's Fairy Godmother with her complete Princess, as she sees herself in the mirror for the first time.
Yeah, that's our Princess Taisie!

Taisie registers as a Princess of the Kingdom and now its official, Princess Taisie.
With sceptre in hand she is ready to rule, heaven help her brothers.

The Princess receives the Queen Mother.
She was greeted throughout the day by her enthusiastic subjects. It wasn't just the characters either. The Disney workers would call out, "Hello Princess", and bow. It didn't take Taisie long to begin returning the bow with a curtsy.

The Princess being escorted by the Queen Grandmother. It was fun watching people do double takes as Taisie walked by.

The meeting of the Princesses; they talked about the Kingdom and walked holding hands. Princess Aurora and Princess Taisie, the bond was immediate.
But, even a Princess gets tired by the end of a long day at the Magic Kingdom. That's when a Queen Grandmother's lap or shoulder come in particularly handy.

We ended the day, outside the Princess's castle watching the fireworks and a parade in her honor. It's not often that you get to see the inner princess come out, much less have anything to do with it, or to see the imagination light up with a host of possibilities. It was an incredible thing to watch.

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