Monday, September 27, 2010

Zambia Benefit Concert in Gretna, Virginia

In July, the youth group from Cornerstone Church of Christ went to a Christian youth conference at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee called Christ In Youth: Move (CIY). While there, their attention was brought to the water crisis in Zambia, Africa.
An organization called Active Water is working to bring safe drinking water to the families of Zambia by building each family a sand filter. The sand filters cost $75 each. CIY partnered with Active Water this year to produce and film a short movie about this crisis, called Zambia’s Song.

In about two months, youth from Gretna, Virginia visioned, organized, directed, produced, and performed in a benefit concert to help Active Water bring clean drinking water to the people of Zambia. The proceeds will be going to provide sand filters for homes and schools to make the water drinkable in Zambia.
Dan Nuckols went with me one Sunday and shared about the project at all 3 churches of the Mount Airy Charge. Members of the 3 congregations contributed funds to provide 4 sand filters.
Emcee Tyrus Jones
Naomi Spradlin
Jolie Osborne
Rachel Nuckols
Matt Marstin with Landon Isaac Spradlin
Rachel Fisk and Dan Nuckols
Landon Isaac Spradlin
The concert raised $2009 dollars, that is enough for 26 sand filters. Their original goal was 10 filters. God blessed their faith, boldness, and hard work. If you are interested in learning more about the work of Active Water visit and see what you could do to help.

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Dan said...

WOW CHARLIE! AWESOME JOB! WE CAN MAKE POSTERS OUT OF THESE!!!! :) just kidding we won't do that, but they are so good we could.
Thanks so much for all of your support throughout the entire mission,