Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Student Day at St. Andrews UMC

At St. Andrews UMC we had an after-church Sunday cookout for the young people at the church who were heading back to High School and College.
Bill Wyatt took on the job of grilling the hamburgers and hotdogs. Watching Bill cook and sweat turned into a spectator sport for a while. It wasn't one of the cooler days of the summer to start with and that grill was hot.
Most of the ladies and young people had the good sense to get in out of the heat, while the cooking was going on outside. The ladies got the fruits, salads, chips, and condiments all laid out.
Since it was a day for the students, they got to go through the line first. That decision had the potential for a major food disater. But, we had plenty for everyone.
It was a good day of food and fellowship. Two things that are almost obligatory to any United Methodist get together. We will miss our college kids heading away and hope they visit frequently. We're very glad that we still a our High School kids and appreciate our years with them before they head off to college. All in all, we want them to remember that they are an important part of the church and they are always welcome.

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