Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rock Band Tryouts

For Christmas we got a Wii game for the kids, its Rock Band the Beatles. Check out the website  Courtney liked the idea of the Beatles edition, since she wouldn't have to worry about the song they were playing if she wasn't in the room. The game involves playing songs by following onscreen cues with one of four peripherals: a microphone, lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums.  A built-in vocal trainer will help you get accustomed to singing each melody. Its a lot of fun trying to keep the beat, hit the correct buttons on the guitar, and sing the songs. 

While it was a game for the kids we all got into playing. When you play it gives you points for how well you did, some did better than others.  

The guitar has a strum pad and note pads that have to be pressed at the correct times.  You can purchase additional guitars and microphones. With extra microphones the game lets you sing harmonies. With additional guitars you can play lead, rhythm, and bass parts to the songs. 
The game gets everyone playing together, instead of all by themselves. They even got me to sing with one of the songs. Fortunately, there are no photos that can be used against me in court.

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Karen B said...

What a cute post! And very fun pictures. Just found your blog and think it looks like one I'd like to follow.