Monday, December 7, 2009

Community Thanksgiving Services

Something I have come to look forward to each year and very much enjoy are the Community Thanksgiving services. Our first is on the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving. Republican Grove UMC and Republican Grove Baptist get together for singing, a Thanksgiving message, and fellowship. This year we met at Republican Grove Baptist and when we meet at the baptist church the Methodist pastor is the guest speaker. When they come to our church the choir from the Baptist sings, we don't have a choir but we do have Joanne. Joanne sang and played the piano, singing songs with a Thanksgiving theme. At the end of the evening there was no doubt where the talent was in our family.

Our second Community Thanksgiving service is the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving and has St. Andrews UMC joining together with three area baptist churches; Piney Grove, Straightstone, and Edge Hill. This year we met at Piney Grove Baptist and the pastor from Straightstone Baptist was the guest speaker. The choir from each church has an opportunity to sing. I may be a tad biased, but I thought the St. Andrews choir shined. Even if they did have me as a handicap. Joanne played piano for the choir and once again the true family talent was displayed.

What I really enjoy is that everyone seems to know each other, no matter which church they attend. They've been neighbors, gone to school together, and worked together for years; getting together like this is simply an extension of their lives in community.

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