Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Update on Joanne's Post-Surgery Rehab

Since her surgery Joanne hasn't been able to do much with her hair. My help has been extremely limited. I can get her hair back in a ponytail with much difficulty and little success. I decided to take her to get her hair done. I told her we had some reservations, but didn't tell her where or for what. A friend of ours, who has been doing Joanne's hair for longer than I can remember, Rita Mattox, has a hair salon on Lakeside Drive called "Style Pros". (She cut my hair at one time, until it started falling out.) I called her, told her what I was planning, and told her to do whatever Joanne wanted, as long as it was something she could take care of herself without to much difficulty. When we pulled into the parking lot Joanne knew where we were heading. I took Joanne into the salon and told them to call me when finished. When I came back, Joanne had her back to the door and I didn't recognize her. Her hair was straightened for the first time in years, but that will wear off in time. When we were leaving and I was getting ready to pay, Rita wouldn't allow it. She said, "Come back and see me after Joanne goes back to work." Where do we find friends like that.
I will readily admit that I'm not the best nurse Joanne could have but, for the most part I'm all she's got. We both appreciate all the help and kindness we have received; the meals, cards, calls, words of support and encouragement, and of course the assistance with the transportation to the doctor and physical therapy. It has all been quite overwhelming. We are blessed.

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Courtney @ splashing grace said...

well, aren't you just the cutest thing!!!

Are you back to curls now?