Thursday, February 19, 2009

Proud Sibling

I have meant to post this for quite awhile, just hadn't gotten around to it. My sister, Dawna, won an award for her work and research as an audiologist. We are all understandably proud of her and her accomplishments. This little piece from the newspaper doesn't really tell you all that makes her a special person. But, if I start telling you that stuff I'll never hear the end of it. Way to go, Dawna!

Boys Town Audiologist Wins Prestigious Award January 29, 2009
Dawna Lewis, Ph.D, Senior Research Associate, has received the third annual Cheryl DeConde Johnson award for Outstanding Achievement in Educational and Pediatric Audiology from the Phonak Group. The award recognizes audiologists for their work and commitment to improving the lives of children.

Along with an engraved plaque, Dr. Lewis will receive a trip to the world headquarters of the Phonak Group in Switzerland. While there, she will have the opportunity to learn about new technology and present research to the company’s engineers and managers.

Among Dr. Lewis’s other accomplishments are the Editor’s Award from the American Journal of Audiology and the 2006 Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award from the University of Nebraska. She also has served on several committees and boards, including the Editorial Board of Seminars in Hearing and Pediatric Advisory Council of the Better Hearing Institute.

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