Monday, February 16, 2009

Androcles and the Lion

Brian Daniels, from Providence UMC, had the lead role in the play Androcles and the Lion. Brian attends Galileo Magnet High School. The play was performed at the North Theatre, an old theatre in Danville.
The following is a synopsis of the play.
Set in ancient Rome, this story that is filled with laughter dances and conquering fear tells of a young man, Androcles and his bickering wife, Hermione as they take a vacation across the Macedonian desert to the city of Rome.

But when a lion comes across the pair and begs Androcles to remove the thorn from his paw Hermione runs away assuming Androcles has been killed. Androcles and the Lion soon become friends and Androcles learns to be brave.

He soon puts his bravery to the test by being captured by the slave traders and sent to Rome. After reuniting with his wife, they are sent to Caesar's palace where Androcles is thrown into prison for failing to soothe a headache for Caesar, played by Brian Daniels. At the Colosseum Androcles is reunited with the Lion in the arena. When the Lion doesn't kill Androcles Caesar grudgingly release Androcles, Hermione, and her Mother from slavery.

Brian reads the scripture passage each Sunday. His skills at the theatrical are an addition to his readings. There are days that I wish I was able to hear him read before I have my first service. More than once his reading has given me new perspective on the message for that day. Brian is an asset to our church and its pastor.


Dave said...

Would love to know more about the specific production. Where it was done and for how long. How was it received by audiences and did the cast and crew enjoy doing the show.

My reason for asking is that I'm one of the two playwrights. Please feel free to contact me with copies of photos, programs, any pubicity that the show received.

Dave Barton

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