Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Baby Turns, Uh, Well Older. Happy Birthday Courtney

Our baby girl, Courtney, is some odd number of years old today. I am happy to say, once again, that she survived in spite of us.

I remember her talking to the green frogs in the mobile over her crib and to the bright pink caterpillar in the poster on her wall. Many a night I crawled under her crib in the dark to find her pacifier. We had a backpack baby carrier and she would chew on my ponytail when she was in it.
When we lived in base housing while I was in the Air Force, I found Courtney standing in the hall staring up at the light bulb in the ceiling. She asked me if Jesus lived in the light bulb. She had heard them talking about Jesus being the light of the world in church.
If these aren't just a couple of the cutest pictures you've ever seen, then you must be looking at some of our grandchildren's pictures. Then again, they do all look like their grandfather.
I wish we could take some credit for how she turned out, but God gets it all.
This is Courtney, with her youngest, Lila, today. Happy Birthday Little Girl! You'll always be my little girl, sorry that's just how it works.

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