Thursday, December 11, 2008

Open House at the Mt. Airy Charge Parsonage

We had been looking forward to doing this ever since last Christmas. We wanted to open the parsonage for a Christmas Open House, so the folks from all three churches could drop in and see all the work that has been done on the parsonage.
We tried to have it all fixed up and decorated. We even had a fire going in the fireplace. I had no idea just how much heat that thing put out. The Living Room was like a sauna and that's with the thing monitoring itself to keep the room at a temperature of 72. But, even though it was arm, it looked cool.
We put up a Christmas tree (artificial of course, since we won't be there most of the week) and decorated it with our Disney movie ornaments.
On the mantel we had scented candles burning and family photos displayed.
We loaded the bookcases with books, mementos of travels, and more family photos.

Joanne said she wasn't too sure about my having a camel pulling Santa's sleigh, but I thought it worked, Besides, I wanted to see if anyone else noticed.
We even placed our Christmas Mickeys and Grumpy under the tree.
We covered the old stereo cabinet and put the Nativity set that my parents gave us there.
As our folks arrived they migrated to the Living Room and sat around enjoying conversation and snacks.

Joanne had worked overtime on the food for the Open House. She had been up until 1:30 in the morning getting everything prepared. My job was to decorate the tree and stay out of her way.
There were ham biscuits, fruit with dip, veggies with dip, chicken salad, cake, spinach dip, chutney, a cheese ball and a cheese log with crackers. Also, a selection of cookies and cheeses. No one should have left hungry.
We had a cranberry punch and a large pot of coffee,
Our table centerpiece had Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
It was a good time of fellowship, just enjoying each other's company and the food.
We had a really good crowd, members from all three churches came. Some had never been inside the parsonage, while others had not seen it since all the work had been done.

We had enough people there that there were cars parked on both sides of the driveway. We very happy so many were able to join us.
One person mentioned that they didn't even know the house had a fireplace.

We really wanted everyone to see "their" house. A lot of work had been done and it looks so good. We are very thankful to have the parsonage to use and wanted this to be a small thank-you for all our churches do for us. Most of all we really like hanging out with these folks. Being the pastor of the three churches of the Mt. Airy Charge is a Christmas present I get 365 days a year.

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