Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Service X 4

It was Christmas Eve and I had the day off from the doctor's office. Here I was again and I needed a shot of Christmas spirit. I know I'm not the only one who works up to Christmas day and who has been running like the proverbial headless chicken. I know what Christmas is all about, but I need to get it pounded into my head again and fast. So we decided to attend multiple Christmas Eve church services.

We started out our day by attending services at Shiloh UMC. They started their service at noon. Shiloh is the church where Joanne grew up and where we got married.

At 5 that evening there was a service at Timberlake UMC. Timberlake UMC is where I worked before moving to the Mount Airy Charge.

At 7 PM we attended the Christmas Eve service at Victory Christian Fellowship. We have been friends with the pastors, Ken and Becky Parrish, for many years.

At 11 that night we attended services at Mead Memorial UMC, where Joanne works as church Secretary.

As Christmas Eve turned to Christmas Day, we had worshipped with 4 different churches, where we have had connection. We sang caroles and hymns of Christmas, had communion with brothers and sisters twice, and we lit candles remembering that the light had come into the world three times. No two services were alike, but the messages were all clear regarding what the day was truly about. Was it worth going to fours services? Yes, it was.

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