Monday, July 7, 2008

Church Moves to the Abbott's House

Doots and Dickie Abbott haven't been able to join us at Republican Grove UMC for Sunday service for quite some time. Betty Jo had the brilliant idea (I truly wish I could say I had thought of it, but I can't.) that we take the church to them. So yesterday we had church in their living room. It was more like having friends over to visit. As each person came in the door they were offered a cup of coffee. Joanne and I only had to be asked once.
Joanne played their piano and we had a packed house. Jeaneen Abbott had to stand in the doorway to the kitchen. I think she really wanted to be close to the coffee.
We actually had more people in their living room than we would have at church if all our regulars showed up. This was something special and I think folks knew it.
We ended the morning singing one of Dickie's favorites, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus".

We had communion and it was special, as always, but with a bit more intimacy. It was family coming together.

It was like in the Book of Acts where they met in homes for a meal, fellowship, teaching, and prayer. There are a lot of people who are critical of church and I guess some of it is justified. But, yesterday we had church, God was there, and it was really good.

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