Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Newest Grandchild

On January 8th, Leah Gabriell Johnson was born to our son, Jeremiah, and his girlfriend, Kate. Leah weighed in at 6 lb. 8 oz. and was 20 inches long.
Joanne stayed in the room during the birth, along with Jeremiah and Kate's mom. I stayed in the room for a bit, but I bailed as soon as I heard Kate yell,"I'm gonna push, I can't help it!" I was a blur leaving the room.
I thought I'd have time to stroll to the cafeteria and get some supper. I stopped for awhile to talk to a guy who had worked in x-ray when I worked at the hospital. In about 15 minutes Jeremiah came out and gave me the all clear sign, it was safe to return. Supper would have to wait. (until morning)
This is Leah about two weeks after birth. She has gained back to her birth weight, plus an ounce or two. She seemed to be more intent on sleeping, but we did catch her with her eyes open for a little while. Jeremiah is a hoot to listen to and watch with the baby.
Joanne and I have now been blessed with 5 grandchildren; Thomas, Taisie, Levi, Lila, and Leah. We thank God for each of them and rejoice in their health and well-being. We pray for our Lord's hand to be on them, that He will guide and protect them all their lives.

I think it might just be part of God's plan, that as we get old he brings babies and children back into our lives again, so that we remember our youth and feel young again. Ain't God good!

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