Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Had a Nice Vist

This past Sunday I had a nice visit from my parents and my brother Aaron. Now, my parents live in Lynchburg and have been out to the church before, but this was Aaron's first time out. Aaron and his family live in Charleston, West Virginia. The critiques weren't too harsh, my dad had saved his from their last visit. I guess he felt more comfortable with the gang critique. Honestly, it wasn't bad and it was stuff I needed to hear. If you're going to be told how to do better (actually, how you mess up) it might as well come from family. I'm glad I've been at it for over 6 months so that I only had to listen to an hour of it.
I think Aaron wanted me to pose, but the best I could do was grin and laugh. Joanne and Dad were suggesting poses for me, they were pretty bad. I'm not sure if they wanted me to look like an evangelist preaching hell fire and brimstone or the village idiot. Anyway, we all got a good laugh.
After lunch, as Aaron was getting ready to head home and we were walking to our cars, he said,"I'm proud of you." Thanks Bro, it meant more than you know.