Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Live The Light

Last Sunday we started a five week study of the book by Pastor Larry Davies of Timberlake UMC. We handed out a copy of the book for each family at Republican Grove UMC, Providence UMC, and St, Andrews UMC. I assured everyone that it was now "their" book and they could keep it. I would not be asking for them back. Several got an extra copy to deliver to those members not there that morning. There is a reading for each day of the week and that week will be the focus of the next Sunday message. I encouraged them to share the book in their homes, write in the book, use a highlighter, read it daily, and do the exercises at the end of each reading.

I'm really excited that we will be working through this during the Lenten season. My hope is that it will help us refocus on the season and the call of Jesus in our lives. That we will, not only as a church, but as individual members be that light that bring the lost safely home. Please keep us in your prayers as we do something that will stretch and grow us in Jesus.

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