Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to the Family

Two years ago this January, our dog Millie died. Since then I haven't really considered getting a new dog. Milie had been a member of our family for 13 years and it was to hard to think about having another dog.

In November, a friend from High School had a picture on Facebook of a dog posted by the ASPCA in Bedford. When I clicked on the picture, a collection of pictures of a lot of dogs came up. The ASPCA had gone to the Bedford Animal Shelter and taken pictures of all the dogs there, in the hopes that someone would adopt. As I was going through the photos I spotted 2 dachshunds in a pen. I didn't think or hesitate, I called right away and I kept calling for 5 days, until I got an answer. When I finally got through, I was told that the female had already been adopted, but the male was still available. I told them that I would be there the next morning.
When they brought Tiger out, he wouldn't even look at me. If I tried to reach out to touch him, he drew away, hiding behind the leg of the girl who brought him out. They suggested that I take him out for a little walk. Even then he wanted very little to do with me and contined to draw away. Things were not going well for the relationship. But when I went back inside and they asked me what I thought, I said, "I think we're going home now".
It took us a couple of days to connect, but we finally did. For Joanne it took a few more days. I had to leave for a weekend class and while I was gone, Tiger was not very receptive. Actually, according to Joanne, he would go to the other end of the sofa and curl up with his back to her, ignoring her. But that night they bonded when he curled up next to Joanne in bed under the covers and slept.
In December we got a call from the family that had adopted the other dachshund. They were not siblings, not from the same litter, but they were a bonded pair. They asked if we were still interested in having them both. Again, without hesitation, my answer was "Yes!". When we went to pick her up, we were surprised to find that she was half his size. Tiger was 12 pounds, while Princess was a diminutive 7 pounds. (Our vet thinks that she'll stay about that size.) We were told that she was very sedate, all she did was lay around sleeping and want to be cuddled and that was exactly what she did all the way home in Joanne's lap.
When we got Princess home, we brought her in the house and brought out Tiger. They looked at each other and went nose to nose. After a few more strategically placed sniffs all pandemonium broke out. They were jumping all over each other and chasing each other all around the house. She hadn't been sedate, she was depressed. When we took them both out on the leash, they walked side by side, when Tiger turned Princess turned right along with him. Once they got back inside, they both curled up in the armchair and went to sleep. Together again, all is right with the world.
We have had a few people who have questioned our sanity at acquiring two dogs. But, its been about a month now and I can't imagine not having them both. They still romp and chase each other. They have this wrestle/fighting they do, biting each other, chewing on each others legs and ears, all the while growling ferociously with teeth bared. Every once in awhile Princess will yelp because Tiger hurt her, kind of big brother-little sister rough play. At first we thought that Tiger was picking on Princess. When we watched more closely, she is the instigator most of the time and when she yelps he'll stop, but she prods him to start up again.

 Joanne had mentioned that she was thinking about getting me a dog for Christmas. We decided that we weren't really ready for another dog. Then a friend posts a random picture of an ASPCA dog and I find Tiger and Princess. We get one and then the other. I got my Christmas present(s).
It doesn't get much better than this!


Steve Finnell said...

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Theresa said...

I am soooo glad that you all get along together so well. You got your Christmas present - and so did they. Love to you all.

This REALLY makes my day!