Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Sunday at Timberlake East UMC

This is my first Sunday at Timberlake UMC East, the satellite church of Timberlake UMC. It is a small congregation, that has been through some rough seas lately. Joanne and I are hoping to be a blessing the the folks here. The picture of Jesus behind the altar was like a welcome home for me. We had the same picture in our home when I was a kid and it was also at Shiloh UMC where Joanne and I got married.
Everyone was very kind and receptive to us. I'm sure it will take time for them to get accustomed to the bearded guy with the Disney ties.
We were really happy to have Courtney, Dave, and the four grandchildren with us for our first day. Levi and Lila enjoyed playing with stuffed toys they have in the pews.
Taisie and Thomas were just overjoyed to be there with us, really!! When I got back in the pulpit the next Sunday, there was a note there. It said, "The pastor at this church is really awesome. I know because he's my Daddy." Thats the way to start out at a new appontment.

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