Friday, December 31, 2010

Visiting Disney Epcot in December

When Joanne and I arrived at Epcot the first and foremost place we had planned to head to was where you get your pictures taken with the characters.
Joanne had to get her very own, up close, by herself, personal picture with Mickey. But, I was standing close by to make sure she behaved.

You might notice that I didn't get my very own,up close, personal, by myself photo with Minnie. I was told that people were waiting in line behind us and there wasn't time for that. Aha, I think I see a problem here.

This was the "Finding Nemo" Ride at the The Sea exhibit. I call this picture "Joanne on a Half Shell".
This is the Italy Pavillion in Epcot.
We had dinner Tutto Italia Ristorante in the Italy Pavilion . It was the first time we had eaten there and it was excellent. The food and service are great, the old world atmosphere is great if you're looking to slow down a bit and catch your breath.

The real highlght of the day way going to the Candlelight Processional at the American Gardens Theatre.
The event retells the story of Christmas with a special celebrity narrator, Jodi Benson was the narrator that night, accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra and a mass choir.

Joanne and I had finished eating dinner and were just walking by as it was getting ready to begin and decided to try and get a seat. They escorted us to the front row, right in front of the sign language interpretor. They may not have been the best seats for seeing the entire choir and orchestra, but we were pleased. The sign language interpretor on our side of the stage was a show in herself and I mean that in as good of a way as can be inmagined. She didn't just use her her hands; she had the facial expressions and body movements all incorporated. I could imagine someone not being able to hear the music, watching her, and thinking, "That's what it sounds like."

There was a family seated next to us and when the narrator was reading, the mother and the children would be whispering. At first it was annoying, but I realized it was a different language. After the program, I spoke to the mother and asked her what she was doing. She told me that they were from Brazil and that her children didn't speak a word of English. So as the narrator was telling the story of the first Christmas in English, this mother was retelling the story to her children in Portugese. I was reminded of how we, as Christians, are to retell the story of Jesus.

Joanne was trying to sneak in the side door of the English Tea Shop. But, why? To get in line to have a picture with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too.

Father Christmas came out to the Tea Garden and told us of the Christmas traditions in the United Kingdom. That is a ball of mistletoe atop his walking stick. When we got our picture taken with him, we had an opportunity to make use of it.

This was Brunhilda, who related the Christams traditions of Germany.
Another wonderful day at Walt Disney World.

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Ex- Rock Ape said...

Lovely pictures, Charlie!

That's a great 'Santa Claus' outfit 'Yer Man' had on there, but his robe designer must have been colour blind!.. or had they temporarily run out of Red material? :-))

Never mind! I'm sure that you all had a great time

Al good wishes to you and Joanne for a happy and healthy New Year!