Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Thanksgiving Service at Republic Grove UMC

This past Sunday we had our comunity Thanksgiving service at Republican Grove UMC with Republican Grove Baptist Church joining us. When the Thanksginving service is held at the Baptist church, the Methodist pastor has the joy of delivering the Thanksgiving message and vice versa. So this year we at the Methodist church hosted of brethren from across the road.

We had two excellent singers for the service, from Republican Grove baptist Church we had Cecil and from Providence UMC we had Brian Daniels. Cecil sang a Martina McBride song, "I've been Blessed" and Brian sang "Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart".

Rev. Shelton Miles, the pastor at Republican Grove Baptist Church, gave an excellent message from titled "I am Blessed". I have always enjoyed listening to Shelton. Among my many blessing here on the Mount Airy Charge, I count Shelton among the best.

Shelton was trying to explain to Joanne why she should not be taking his picture, but she wasn't listening.
A Happy Thanksgiving to you All!

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