Monday, November 2, 2009

When Does 1+1+1=1?

Our Homecoming season on the Mount Airy Charge is the months of September and October. With Providence UMC and Republican Grove UMC having their Homecoming Sundays in September. Saint Andrews UMC having theirs Homecoming Sunday in October. This is always a great time of reunion and fellowship, not to mention some of the best eating of the year.

Normally when one of the churches has their Homecoming, the other two churches have a guest speaker and have their normal Sunday. The pastor of the Charge would always attend the church having the Homecoming and leave the other churches in the hands of someone else. This year it was suggested, by one of the members, that each church attend each other church's Homecoming Sunday. So they decided that instead of having a guest speaker at the 2 churches not having Homecoming, those two churches would close the doors, leaving a note on the door as to where they would be, and join their sister church that was having Homecoming.

It was a wonderful site to see. Members from all three churches worshiping and fellowshiping together. At least 50% of the members of the churches not having Homecoming joined the church having Homecoming for their special day. I think it was a blessing to the congregations, the guests, and especially to me.

I have encouraged the three churches of the Mount Airy Charge to think more as one Charge rather than three individual churches. We have had numerous services and projects where the three churches have joined together in work and fellowship. But, this one was their idea. It had never dawned on me. So, when does 1+1+1=1? When 1 church + 1 church + 1 church come together under the moving of the Holy Spirit as 1 Charge. 

I told a pastor friend what a blessing it had been. His response, being the pastor of a Charge, was that is was more than a blessing, it was a miracle. I've always liked miracles.

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