Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day

Yesterday evening we went to Applebee's restaurant to celebrate Veteran's Day; my sister, Karen (USAF), Joanne, and I (USAF). The national chain of restaurants was offering free meals to all military, veterans and active duty. I had seen these kind of offers years past, but I had never participated. I had always thought there were retired and active duty that deserved it more than I did. This year was different. Joanne went digging around until she found my discharge papers, then she called and told me we were going.

When we got there it was packed, but no one seemed in a rush or pushy. There were all ages there; those in there 80's all the way to some who looked very young. We talked to some of the people there while we waited. You felt you were there with comrades and friends, people that you were proud to have dinner with. All the staff would thank the veterans for their service. It was very appreciated. Thanks, Applebee's. Thanks, Joanne, for making me go.

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