Thursday, October 15, 2009

WSET and Woodlawn Academy Visit the Mount Airy Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday the Woodlawn Academy preschool from Chatham came to the White Fall Farm Pumpkin Patch in Mount Airy for an outing. There were about twenty kids, along with their teacher and some adults. They started their morning by loading into the hay wagon for a hay ride.

During their hayride they stopped in the field and had a pumpkin hunt. Then they all came back to the starting point and counted their pumpkin loot.

WSET, channel 13, our local ABC affiliate, came to the Pumpkin Patch and interviewed A.J. Nuckols about everything he has done at the Pumpkin Patch. Check their website to read the story:

Or you might take a minute and watch the video of the interview:

A.J. invited the news crew to tour the Pumpkin Patch and to follow the children from Woodlawn Academy as they enjoyed their morning.

Now, this is the way to enjoy a pile of hay! You had to laugh watching these children trying to climb the side of the hay pile and sliding back down. Though they did finally make it to the top.

All pumpkins are not your typical round, smooth, and orange.

The hay castle was a hit with the kids and the adults. Its fun watching the kids maneuver the castle. There are some entrances and paths that lead to nowhere. Most people, mainly adults, would go back and start over to find the right way to go to get to the steps to the next level. Not kids, they start climbing over and through spaces that most adults wouldn't dare. 

And when the kids make it to the top, that's not enough. They have to climb up on the third level wall and jump up and down. Can you remember being that fearless?

Even the crew from WSET took a try at making it to the top of the castle.
WSET interviewed some of the kids about what they liked best about the pumpkin Patch. The hay castle was the big winner, with the maze a close second.
Finally, the kids having tried everything, gathered their pumpkins, boarded the bus, and headed back to school. I didn't see a single child standing around and looking bored all morning.
The crew also headed back to Danville, with some pumpkin gifts from A.J. to take home and carve.
It was a nice morning at the Pumpkin Patch. Hopefully the television interview will be a boost to the number of folks visiting for the remainder of October. I think we'll get some extra hotdogs and drinks for this Saturday, just in case.

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