Sunday, October 25, 2009

All the Way From Colorado to the Mount Airy Pumpkin Patch

At the Homecoming service at Saint Andrews UMC, A.J. Nuckols invited all those attending to visit the Pumpkin Patch at no charge. If you haven't figured it out yet, I love going to the Pumpkin Patch and climbing up the hay castle. When we were surprised by a visit from our god-daughter, Hannah Gaitten, and her daughter, Noah, we knew where we would be spending our afternoon.

Noah loved the huge rodeo bulls and didn't seem at all bothered by their size.

Noah liked the chickens, too. She fed them some loose corn that was on the ground.

We were happy godparents, getting to see Hannah after many years and Noah for the first time.

I joined Hannah and Noah for a pumpkin hunt. I have watched the hunts several times, but this was my first time going out with the kids. At first, Noah wasn't too sure about riding on a bale of hay, but she decidied it was an acceptable way to go after pumpkins.

First, the hunt is not a leisurely stroll through the field picking up pumpkins. Those who win are those who run. those of us who are more into walking are there for the joy of the hunt. (I know, that sounds like a loser's excuse) Noah did pick up some pumpkins, but once she tripped and fell, she lost interest in the manual part of the job. So, Hannah and I picked them up for her and then she put them in the bag.

When we got back and counted our collection, we found that Noah had collected a total of 21 pumpkins. Unfortunately, there were some of those running competitors in her age group. But, she did walk away with 3 small pumpkins to take home to Colorado.

After the pumpkin hunt, we decided to climb the hay castle. Once again I watched a child love the castle. We went all the way to the top and enjoyed the autumn scenery.

Later in the afternoon they started the fire and brought out marshmallows. Joanne loves roasting marshmallows. I prefer mine in hot chocolate. Noah, with help from mom, charred her marshmallows and ate them with a zeal.

It was a great afternoon. We got to spend some really fun time with Hannah and Noah. Thanks A.J. and Lisa for opening the Pumpkin Patch for those who were at the Saint Andrews UMC Homecoming.

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