Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanksgiving Services

We had two Community Thanksgiving Services on the Charge. Republican Grove UMC joined with Republican Grove Baptist Church and had an evening service on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We met at the Baptist church this year and next year will be at the Mthodist church. When they meet at the Baptist church the Methodist pastor delivers the message. So, my first year I was the speaker.

St. Andrews UMC gets together with 3 Baptist churches for their Thanksgiving service; Piney Grove Baptist Church, Straightstone Baptist Church, and Eastbrook Baptist Church. Each of the church's choirs sang two numbers during the service. The music was varied and enthusiastic. The message was delivered by Rev. Sam Caldwell, representing Eastbrook Baptist, since they are currently without a pastor. After services there were refreshments.

They have been having these community services for over 40 years. It was wonderful watching folks arrive and greet each other. Everyone knew everybody. There were no church rivalries or denominational feuding. It was simply believers getting together to celebrate their thankfulness to God and to fellowship with one another. It wasn't about theology, it went beyond that. It was an incredible thing to behold.

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