Monday, July 9, 2012

VAUMC Annual Conference 2012

Well, its June, must be time for the Virginia United methodist Annual Conference. It was in Roanoke, VA again this year. Joanne and I took our usual seats at the far end of the Civic Center. The biggest complaint this year was how cold the place was. It seemed like most of the heavy issues were dealt with at the General Conference that had been in Tampa a few months earlier, so we were spared having to listen a lot of the arguments one way or the other this year.

We always enjoy being at Annual Conference for the Licensing and Ordination service. Below is the Licensing of the Local Pastors.

We were joined by our friends George and Kathy Schaeffer. We try and get together during Conference, since it seems its one of the few times our schedules can work.

We had several firends being ordained this year. Above is Jacob Sahms and below is Craig Newman.
This year was shorter than most years and it ran on different days than normal. The year our Bishop Charlene Kammerer retired, this would be her last Annual Conference. We should find out sometime in July about our new Bishop.

Annual Conference can be a nuisance, at its worst tense and frustrating. But there are things that I wouldn't want to miss; Licensing and Ordination, Recogition of Retiring Pastors, the Memorial Service for Deceased Pators and Pastor's Spouses, and of course, seeing friends that you get to see all too infrequently. See you next year in Hampton VA.

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