Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Virginia UMC Annual Conference

We had a great time at the Virginia United Methodist Annual Conference in Roanoke in June of this year.
The Lynchburg District met at a local eatery for lunch and we just about took up every seat in the place.

As we usually do, Joanne and I hooked up with George Schaeffer and his wife Kathy.

I had the job at the Conference of being a "Teller", sounds important doesn't it? It could be better described as a "runner". I went to pick up blank ballots, at the far end of the civic center, bring them back to the nose bleed seats section that I had been assigned, then collect them, and return then to the far end so that they could be counted.
Please understad, running is not something I enjoy. My theory about running is that you do it if someone is chasing you with a knife or a big stick. If they have a gun, don't bother, you can't outrun a bullet. So to think that I volunteered for the job was rather baffling. My District Superintendent must have caught me a weak moment.
I did survive, but if they had had many more ballots I'm not too sure it would have been the same outcome.
Look for us next year!!

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