Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Poem for Haiti

An old friend of mine, Tom Surber, wote a poem about Haiti that I would like to share with you. I first met him when we were in the third grade together. Lost touch for a lot of years. Glad to be back in touch with a long time friend.

The photos show stark devastation,
Where there was little now there is less.
But the look in the eyes of my brothers and sisters
shows a strength there I might not possess.
They are scared, they are injured and angry,
yet so many are clinging to hope.
Is it because they have no more left to lose
or is it a faith they refuse not to use.
Such faith amid so much destruction,
I only hope that our faith is just
As strong as our brothers and sisters,
when our God begins to test us.
That God is testing us now I am certain.
A lesser, but a test none-the-less.
There is such faith in the eyes of our brothers and sisters,
We need to answer their faith without rest.

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