Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pulpit Swap (part two)

Well, Larry made it through all three services. When I finished at Court Street UMC I turned on my cell phone to find two messages. The first was Larry telling me that he couldn't find the second church. (So much for a GPS) The second message was Larry telling me to disregard the first message, he had found the church.

That second church is Providence UMC. I had called Tammy that morning and asked her to catch a couple of pictures of Larry for the blog. She also wrote me a little note that I'm adding here.

Larry told us the parable of the pencil, so if you are not familiar with it this is a short version.
1. It must be held in someone's hand to be useful.
2. Must be prepared to suffer pain.(sharpened)
3. It has an eraser. (God's grace)
4. The most important part is inside.
5. Must keep on writing.(made for a purpose)
So this is how the Christian life is like a pencil.
We enjoyed hearing him speak, but it was like trying to capture a bouncing ball on a photo. So as he was leaving I got him to stand still for a picture. Tammy

Larry told me on Monday that it reminded him of his first assignment of a three church charge in Amelia. He said he enjoyed himself, but he didn't think he'd want to be doing that 130 mile circuit every Sunday. I told him that it was amazing how much shorter the ride seemed after 3 years.

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